Monday, 10 May 2010

Preservation of the past...

Vintage clothing has always had its place in the fashion world however recently it has found its way into the mainstream with the rise in popularity of the indie genre and patronage from British models and musicians such as Alexa Chung and Agnes Deyn to name but a very small few. All in all this makes for a more individual and, in my opinion better, fashion landscape. Plus it’s re-using, which is good!
So, in order for there to be vintage clothing there has to have been some clever person who lovingly looked after their garments and then past them on to relatives or shops. In fact there must have been loads have people who’ve done this as vintage shops are popping up all over the place! Sadly my parents are not in this group of people. My mother and father were of notably the coolest and most fashionable eras of British history- the 60’s. Yet am I sitting here in a gorgeous orignial mini-dress? Um no. The fate of all my mother’s 60’s party dresses will make most hoarder s shriek in horror; when my parents moved into their first house they put their clothes in bin bags to transport them to the new house. In the confusion of the day my mother’s dresses got mistaken for the rubbish and my father burnt them (why would you not use labels!?). So that was the end of that. Lesson learnt. Sadly not, the other day I asked my mother where her old school satchel was and told her how pretty I thought it was and how much money I was going to save by not buying a new one, she said “Oh. I think your father might have used it to put boat tools in.” “Right ok, that’s a bit strange but I’ll just ask him if I can have it.” “Well I think he was worried that someone might steal it, thinking it’s a handbag, so he’s painted on it.” Brilliant. The only thing that has been handed down to me and it has been defaced! You can see the finished product below; it’s not as bad as I thought it would be (although the back has been drilled into???) I’m still going to use it, possibly put some fabric over “bosun kit”.
Anyway, bit of a rant but it explains why I look a little grumpy in the picture.


Sunday, 9 May 2010

Party dressing...

This is my dress and those are my shoes. I love them.

I could wear these shoes all day long, and they turn me into a giant. They were a bit of a gamble with the dress (I thought they'd look super clumpy) but I think they really work. More dressy parties please.

Mindless happiness,

Gracie x