Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas come-down...

So Christmas has come and gone in a big food and alcohol fuelled flurry, and as a result of the latter it all seems like a hazy dream- wicked good fun though. Bring on the next one!!!
I got some lavely pressies too! In truth I did choose (and even buy) most of them but there were a few items that I wasn't expecting :) I plan to post up most of the clothes I got over the rest of the holiday...
This jumper came from a charity shop. I love massive wooly jumpers and you can throw them over anything creating and easy and effortlessly cool look. They also have the great benefit of keeping you warm, which is vital at the moment.

This t-shirt is from Therapy (in the House of Fraser). Slouchy tees are another favourite of mine and I love the colour of blue on this one. Therapy has certainly turned itself around in the last year.

I went sale shopping today and was very disappointed as I didn't find anything! I don't really need anything but still not even seeing one item that caught my eye was very uninspiring. Although the Asos sale was looking good and I found a few things, but I feel that shopping on the net will never be as good as rummaging around in a shop.

Love and serenity,

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

You must try this...

While I was aimlessly wandering through the internet the other I came across the new Virtual Make-over Tool on the Topshops website. Click the link below to try it...
Most of these internet make-over tools are quite frankly awful, especially the hair style trying ones, however Topshop's one lets you try out the whole of their make up range on a photo of your choice. Very simple. I would love to put up a before and after shot but my computer isn't letting me- irritating.
The photo above is a little blurry but I wanted to show off my lavely new nail varnish that my lavely flatmate kindly got me for Christmas. I, and the majority of my girl mates, have been lusting over this colour for quite some time now. It's "Poison Ivy" from the Topshop range and it's a beauty: elegant but not too over the top and very, very Christmassy!
There are many gorgeous items I have my beady little eyes on at the moment but most of them are a little pricey so I'm waiting until after Christmas in the hope that they will all be in the sales when I will pounce and splash all of my xmas dosh. But... I want these sooo bad. I may just buy them now, but then if I see them in the January sales I may kill myself. Can I wait???

Good tidings,
Gracie x

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Back on track...

Urgh. So I'm a bit irritated with myself for totally failing in blogging the past few months. I'm not sure why I didn't, I think that when I wanted to write I didn't have the time or my computer was on the blink (don't get my started on my computer) and when I had the time I had a total block of inspiration. But I'm sorting myself out now and I plan to write lots about lots coz I think it's good for me old noggin'.
Anywho, I wanted to take some photographs and as its all snowy (I know, you're probably sick of people talking about snow...) I thought I'd venture into my garden. Its funny, I don't really do winter clothes- I don't think many people do. At the end of every summer I say "ooh I better buy some winter clothes" knowing full well that I'll probably end up purchasing shorter things than I would've in summer but I think as long as you've got a lovely big coat (or a collection of lovely big coats) to throw over the top as well a plenty of what I call "christmas jumpers" it doesn't really matter what you wear...as long as you don't moan of being cold- you wear the short dress in -2 deal with the freezy draft.
I really do love winter. And I do love the snow, I like the way it dampens all sounds so that when you wake up or walk in a wood everything is silent. When it snows I look about four times more ginger and I become rubbish at hide and seek...
I also love how everyone interacts at this time of year. People are genuinely happy, or a the very least content, and people take a little bit of extra time to be pleasant and kind with one another. Little people are also very, very happy and I love to see their excitment. Also you get to drink, lots and lots of drink and merryness...

A little extra peace and love,