Sunday, 29 August 2010

A hidden gem...

One rainy (and rather miserable) day a couple of weeks ago whilst I was holidaying on the Isle of Wight, my mum and I attempted to go to a vintage shop that we’d passed on the bus. Unfortunately it only opened on Fridays and Saturdays- so typical. I wouldn’t have minded so much however when you peered through the shop window a beautiful sight met your eye: A mass of vintage clothing spanning the decades of the 30s through to the 80s, from day wear to evening gowns.

The other great thing that made me so excited but also very gutted that the shop wasn’t open was the range of sizes. More often than not vintage shops and vintage sections only have very large sizes or very small sizes. It’s as if the sizes in between disappeared with the era. To make matters worse I was leaving a couple of days later so I wouldn’t be able to go back and get inside for a good rummage! My mum did promise that she would go back on Friday and I got a text the other day saying she’d stayed in there for an hour and bought two 50’s skirts and a mini dress- I cannot wait to see them! I just hope they fit. The shop was called Oh so vintage and they have a website ( but I don’t think it does the shop itself justice so if you’re ever around Newport on the IOW check it out...but only on a Friday or Saturday!

I go back on the boat around the second half of next week and I really hope my parents have managed to sail to Totnes in Devon. Totnes has the most amazing vintage shops and a lovely way of life so I hope to report back with news of sunshine and wonderful buys!
I think summer might have come back too.
Pictured one of my best vintage buys: a “Crosby, Stills and Nash” baseball tee which I bought from Oxfam (vintage section) for about a fiver- I love it.


Friday, 27 August 2010

Autumn 2010...

I’m not one you’ll often catch wishing away the summer but, please, bring on autumn! Us fashion followers are in for a real treat next season as a deluge of gorgeous trends floods our way. From capes to leather skirts to sheepskin and evening trousers I can honestly say I am very excited for the autumn months. Another plus side for me is that I have many of the key pieces in my wardrobe! Which does mean that I won’t really need to go shopping but it proves the longevity of these items.
On the catwalk: I’m especially loving Burberry Prorsum for the aviator jackets (as well as pretty much everything else!) and D&G for the knitwear and colours. Back in my budget range (and probably yours too) Asos is on top form as per usual, as is Miss Selfridge and Topshop...

I want this so bad it hurts... Topshop £70

And this... Miss Selfridge £45

And this for keeping you warm in the autumn months- there's something so incredibly sexy about a nude slip, perhaps Atonement is to blame? Topshop £18

The overall effect of these trends as singular pieces or combined, is that everyone looks so smart and powerful in a comfy and cosy sort of way- perfect for those chilly winds and wet pavements.
A great thing about next seasons must-haves is that they a fairly universal. Everyone, regardless of size, colouration or personal style can pull them off. One piece that needs to be approached with a little caution is the leather skirt; take the time to find a perfect one for you or you may end of looking like a...ahem hooker or just quite simply bad.

And the make up? A new word needs to be invented for the autumn make up- I love it! It’s so sassy with the red or dark lips and smoky eyeliner. Lush.
One trend I personally think I’ll side step: A line skirts- I just don’t think they love me.
Peace and Serenity,

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Bon voyage...

Last night my friend had a party to say a goodbye to everyone as she’s leaving to spend a year in Peru working in an orphanage. It was an amazing, boozy and very colourful night but the reason for holding the party was in the back of my mind- I cannot believe I’m not gonna see her for a whole year! Anyways it was around the world/gap yahh fancy dress theme so everyone was dressed up and they all looked so good. I went as a Russian mail order bride (not sure of the thinking behind that?). I wore a black wig and no one recognised me- people didn’t come up and say “hi” at first as they had no idea who I was. People said it really suited me to the point where it was frightening...

All in all it was a brilliant night and I hope it was the send off Claire wanted. I’ll miss her to pieces but I know she’ll do good over there and I’ll be here for when she gets back. The other weird thing is what will have changed by the time she gets back- a lot can happen in a year!

Peace and love,

Monday, 23 August 2010

Holiday part 2- a festival of garlic...

Yeah so we were looking for things to do each day and on Sunday we decided to go to The Garlic Festival. We really weren’t expecting much. Anyway after the most traumatic bus journey of my life (it is not acceptable to change your toddlers nappy on a crowded bus) we arrived at a massive festival at which was the majority of the Isle of Wight’s residents- it was packed. Garlic featured very little considering the festival’s name. We headed straight to the beer tent to regather ourselves after the bus journey then we had a go at archery and loved it so much we’re planning on setting up our own archery in the garden (don’t worry we have a long garden).
The following day we went to The Needles to do some good old fashion sightseeing. The weather was beautiful and I just loved chilling out and snapping some pictures...

Me doing so archery.
The garlic beer I bought- I left it on the boat :(

Needly Deedly...

"To the wind that blows, the ship that goes and the girl who loved a sailor"

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Holiday part 1- making the transition...

So last week I went to join my parents on their boat for a little holiday. Due to poor weather they’d only managed to sail to Newport on the Isle of Wight- the plan is to get much further west. To reach them I had to get a ferry from Portsmouth to Ryde (very much enjoyed asking for a “ticket to Ryde”!) I truly believe the sea is in my blood and it’s very easy and rather exciting/inspiring for me to make the transition between a land lubber and a seasoned sailor. So here are some photies of the first couple of days of my holiday...

With it being this sunny I couldn’t wait to get to the boat! Snapping while I was on the ferry...

Hanging with the locals at The Spyglass Inn in the Ventnor...I couldn’t believe people were swimming in the sea, I was freezy!

Went for a ride on a steam train...and ate lots a cream teas yummy!

“here’s to swimming with bow-legged women”


Thursday, 19 August 2010

Over the moon...

I've been on holiday for the past week, which is why I haven't updated anything. But I've got lots to show/tell you so I put that up in the next couple of days...Anyway to todays issue, one that many are dealing with and that's A level results! Thankfully it appears my friends and I got everything we needed to go to the unis we had our hearts set on- which means I'm heading to Brighton eeeeeeeeee! To anyone who didn't get what they wanted, don't give up it's really not as black and white as everyone makes out. Phone up the uni and see if they'll still take you and if that doesn't work just take a different route to what you want to do- it may be quicker or even leader you to a better place. Worse things have happened at sea. I also got a lovely call from my boyfriend who's in St. Lucia- his little brother had just hit him with a paddle so his front teeth were badly chipped: typical. But they're all fixed now. I'm missing him but I'm celebrating results with my friends tonight so all's well that ends well.

More soon,

General happiness and well wishes,


Oh new look up on Lookbook- check it.

Friday, 6 August 2010

I love jewellery, but jewellery doesn’t always love me.

I love wearing jewellery but my budget, like most people my age, does not allow for expensive, bespoke pieces and so I have to make do with the cheap (well cheapish) version from high street shops. I’m not complaining as I feel that high street shops do well to supply the masses with interesting and cutting edge pieces at a reasonable price. However unfortunately my skin type subjects such jewellery to extreme oxidation and I’m left with ugly brown rings, necklaces and bracelets that smell of rust. Well I though all was lost until a few years back when my friend told me that she coats her cheap jewellery in clear nail varnish. I couldn’t believe there was such an easy answer but it works so well! I now coat most of my jewellery in clear nail varnish and I have a few tips for you if you should decide to do the same...

~Coat the ring or pendant on one side first, place it down on the unvarnished part and leave to dry, then do the other side.
~Use smooth brush strokes that go in the same direction.
~If you haven’t got time to do the whole thing just focus on the parts that are in main contact with your skin.
~ Repeat the process whenever you see/feel the varnish is wearing thin- the length of time it lasts depends upon your skin type, the kind of varnish and how often you wear the item.
~necklace chains can be tricky and time consuming to coat so I suggest buying a couple of more expensive chains and putting your pendants on those.
~I wouldn’t recommend doing all your jewellery at once as the varnish can make you go a little light headed.
~And I wouldn’t recommend that you do expensive jewellery- expensive jewellery shouldn’t need this.
Hope that’s helpful...
This is what happens to my jewellery if I don't varnish them- I didn't varnish this ring until it was too late but I love it so much and the face is still silver so I varnish it to stop it getting worse.

I use 17 nail varnish as it's not too gloopy and it's cheap.

Peace and Love,

Sunday, 1 August 2010

A temperate climate...

British weather and British fashion go hand in hand. If you wake up to glorious sunshine you can guarantee that by mid afternoon it will be rainy...or even snowy! Because we can experience all four seasons in one day British fashion followers must prepare themselves for all eventualities and this results in unique mix and match outfits. You will often see short shorts and a skimpy top teamed with wellies and a big angora jumper or a pretty floral dress with a massive coat over the top. These combinations allow us to go about our everyday lives, despite the unpredictable weather, in comfort and style- we look laid back yet high fashion.
In these photos I’m wearing my favourite parker coat, a sixties style dress, suspender tights (which I ripped the day I got them, £8 down the drain!) and brown boots. This outfit is perfect for going on a walk to the pub where I can sit down with my friends and a pint and enjoy the lovely (if rather changeable) British weather.