Friday, 30 July 2010

My bestest outfit...


I picked up these three leos at the local car boot sale. Car boot sales are always the best place to pick up leotards or ballet tights etc at complete bargain prices- These were a pound each which I'm stoked about because I think they look a little American Apparelish!? I love the way leotards fit and they are such versitile pieces.

Loving the freedom I have at the moment and the weather is getting better too. Gonna make a slip n slide on sunday!

Peace, love and serenity.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Into the woods...

Went to the woods to chill out- it was so nice but so windy! We set up a rather haphazzard picnic where we used to go when we were younger- a little spot we call lunar- and just looked out on the view, ate chocolate fingers and listened to music. The boys felt the need to throw stones and do handstands, cute really. Pretty much a perfect Sunday...

The picture above shows my new ring from Henry Holland in Debenhams. I love skulls and this rings is fast becoming my fave. I have two skull rings now and I'm think of naming them- not sure what though? When I saw the Chanel temporary tattoos my stomach did a little flip as I adore temporary tattoos (I love real tattoos too but I'm still in the temporary stage, I'm sure Brighton will change that...) Anyways I couldn't really afford the Chanel ones so the Topshop version had to suffice and I recently saw Newlook do some for even less so I'm quids in!

Ooh I just got Lookbook too- I'll add a badge to my blog soon.



Monday, 26 July 2010

Not having the internet...

Makes me so cross. For near on three weeks we haven’t had an internet connection and trying to get it back was the most stressful thing on the planet especially when we lost the phone connection too. Anyway it’s back now and a lot has happened in three weeks so I’ll show you in pictures...

Love this coat- it has the best hood. Not sure why I have a sad face? I think I wanted to go out but it was rainy...

My boyfriend brought his little sister round to play. She loves doggies so my staffie, Buster, was a highlight of her day and by the end of it she was ordering him around- it was very funny.

To make the most of the super-hot weather we've had recently some mates and I went down to the local pond. It looked more like Bournemouth beach than a pond with all the people in swimming costumes lounging around on beach towels! I ate about three ice creams that day, it felt like the start of summer. Unfortunately a couple of weeks later there was a massive heath fire and lots of the area surrounding the pound burnt down. My friends went to have a look and help out they ended up with some amazing photography.

My boyfriend and I went up to stay with my brother and his girlfriend in Camden. We chilled out in their garden and had a BBQ which featured much of their own produce. My other brother came over too with his girlfriendand we had an amazing time. I'm really looking forward to going on holiday with them all soon.

I have loads more photies from this weekend- I may whack them up some time.

Peace and Love,