Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Vintage styley... I want, I want!

Why is it that every time other your own seems more glamorous; even the negative bits? Peculiar. Perhaps it’s due to the human nature to fantasise...
Anyway whilst wandering though the internet recently (when I should be working I hasten to add) I’ve come across loads of vintage “style” items that I just really want! I’m shopping in Camden in Easter so I’ve got a mental list of all the things I want to buy. Can’t wait to spend money- I’ve been saving for blinking ages!
Oh and I’ve decided I want a parker- perfect for British summertime.

(Ring-Kenneth Jay Lane @ ASOS. Dress-Miss Selfridge. Bra and pants- Tesco!)
Bring on 4.30pm tomorrow please!

Monday, 29 March 2010

Growing into things...

My boyfriend bought me this dress about a year ago, I’d asked for it so you can imagine my disappointment when it just didn’t look right on me (oh the woes of internet shopping) so to the back of my wardrobe it went. The other day I was trying to find something to wear to a black and white party and came across it whilst I was rummaging. It was one of those “I wonder” moments when a girl finds an item of clothing and has a sort of foresight into how pretty, unique or cool it will look and how much they will love it. Anyway it wasn’t suitable for the party but I loved it. I can’t believe I’ve grown that much in a year, in fact, I can’t imagine I’ve grown at all and yet it look so much better. It makes me feel summery and I feel a bit like the baby squid on Finding Nemo- I just want to twirl. The necklace is a seahorse in “amber”, his name’s Charlie; another pressie from my boyfriend who bought him from a charity shop... Seahorses have become a bit of a symbol for us.
The final image is the product of and art filter and a shaky hand- It’s weird. I think it makes me look like a ghostly harlot?

Feeling good today, despite the rain baying for attention.
Harmony and happiness,


Monday, 22 March 2010

A genuine role model?... Miquita Oliver.

So often in the media we hear of a lack of sensibly body conscious role models for the female youth of today (At this point I must point out that it is the very same media who shove a continuous stream of 6 foot size 6ers at us so the ball is in their court really). However there is one lady who is often overlooked when looking for a possible candidate for this role, 26 year T4 presenter Miquita Oliver. From the very moment she started presenting Popworld with Simon Amstell she seemed to put her own stamp on things and now nearly 10 years later she is still presenting on Channel 4 although Popworld has long since been buried (are we sad? I think we’re sad) She comes across as confident, relaxed and there is an honesty and a reality to her mannerisms which makes her endearing and easy to watch. Her physique is real and she dresses it very well with her own unique style, something which T4 clearly encourage. And quite rightly so as T4 has certainly filled a niche’ in British television; many have tried to replicate T4’s success but in my opinion all have failed in a rather embarrassing manner. So back to Miquita, many are critical and state she only got where she did because of her parents, well to be honest she hides it well and it takes a little more than nepotism to keep your job as a presenter for 10 years. And what do I think of her behaviour at certain events? Meh, she is just having tongue-in-cheek fun like the kind everyone had before we all got serious and fun became vulgar.

Below are a couple of my favourite images of her looking effortlessly cool and a link to an interview with the lady herself. May all young girls take heed of her attitude to life and may she continue to amuse us on hung over Sunday mornings for years to come.

Love and Serenity,

Saturday, 13 March 2010

I'm famous!...well kind of

Last summer whilst my boyfriend and I were on our way to college one of the Google Maps vans drove past us. We quickly tried to think of something original to do as it recorded us but no inspiration came...Anyway I had completely forgotten about the whole thing until someone tagged me in link on Facebook. Funny how we’ve been immortalised in this little virtual street? The pic has got a sort of paparazzo vibe going on which is quite cool. It made me smile anyway.,-4.064941&sspn=20.962184,57.084961&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Farnham,+Surrey,+United+Kingdom&ll=51.207529,-0.792217&spn=0.043449,0.111494&t=h&z=14&layer=c&cbll=51.207957,-0.792049&panoid=019jGFKN13Xf5kakbyPLlw&cbp=12,56.42,,2,2.18

Don’t worry that’s not the sole purpose of this entry- I wanted to share a couple of my favourite at the moment. Now I just need some money...
These are perfected for lazying in the pub garden in the sunshine (hopefully!) ASOS Kate Vintage Mid Blue Jegging £25.00

Team the jeggings up with this? ASOS Lace Tee £25.00

Total fan of these skirts and the colour and pattern of this one gives it a unique quality. Urban Outfitters Silence + Noise Textured Pull On Skirt £28.00

This dress is just so pretty. Not really sure if it will suit me but I'm keeping my fingers crossed, Oh and getting it in the sale would be nice too. Urban Outfitters Reformed Cobain Zip Front Dress £70.00

Hating having a cold, but love and peace,


Thursday, 11 March 2010

Elegiac, despondent, gutted, bummed?

Couple of words to describe how I was feeling today. If you’re an AS or A2 student it is most probable that you received exam results today so you’ll either be feeling elated or perhaps a bit deflated? I only had one exam in January- biology- so today wasn’t a massive deal for me but I didn’t quite get what I wanted and as a result I’ve been feeling a bit downhearted all day. Nonetheless when I went into college realised I needed to suck it up a bit as there are loads of people who didn’t get what they needed for what they want to go on to do- doctors, vets etc and biology doesn’t exactly feature too heavily in my future so as long as I put a bit more effort in for the nest exams I don’t really need to worry. The boyfriend also cheered me up and I’m not feeling so bad still a bit gutted but I reckon I’m just knackered.
What I’m wearing in this photo is probably my favourite outfit ever, it’s just so comfy and I’ve always loved black. I used to be really into wearing rings (probably because that was the bit of rebelling you could get away with at school) and after a lengthy phase of not wearing any I’ve rediscovered these...and I love them!
The coffin ring is gorgeous and comes from Alchemy Gothic; it always starts off a conversation , the black stone ring is from H&M and the little purple stone ring came from my boyfriend on our first anniversary- I think it’s so elegant. I hope to start building up my collection again. Any ideas of places where I can get unique styles?

Kind of an odd entry but it’s been an odd day...

Love and peace,

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

My total love for H&M

Today i thought I’d pay homage to my favourite shop-I often find myself wearing almost entirely H&M. From standard basics to statement pieces H&M makes high fashion look effortless and let’s be honest affordable. I know for a fact that it is not just me that adores this shop; you only have to look on to discover its recurring popularity in many different countries. But where does its appeal derive from? Well, I think it comes from the designers and buyers of H&M clothing never putting all their eggs in one basket- they never conform to a singular season trend and this not only results in anyone being able to go in there and pick up something a bit different but also they cater for the different groups in society unlike many other high street stores.
The trousers, the jewellery, the shoes, the prices... where can H&M go wrong? Even when you see an item that you yourself would not wear you are safe in the knowledge that someone somewhere has worked it into their look and that they probably look fabulous in it.
~Long live H&M!~
In the photo above my skirt, top, leggings and sunnies are H&M, the shoes are New Look and Jacket is Ted Baker. (mad shadow makes my legs look odd.)

Spring sunshine love,

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Inside out?

Underwear that is and it’s a new trend here, apparently, with a vengeance. Has the creativity of us fashiony types really worn so thin it’s come to this? Wearing you bra on the outside of your top is the sort of thing you do when you’ve had more than your fair share of booze and it seems hilarious and so “out there” to do it. Here you can see The Sunday times’ Jessie Brinton wearing a little orange number ; don’t get me wrong it is doable but a word of warning, this fashion is a discriminative one: it only suits long legged skinny ladies who’ve got the confidence to match rather than the majority of girlies with a cup size of let’s say C and above? Oh and the bra on show must be a bit of a lacy vintage thing rather than your old 5 quid t-shirt bra from Peacocks. Anyway after all this negativity I thought I’d try my hand at this very skilled art... Slightly more modest I must say I’ve gone for a 1960’s nightie I bought from Camden Market for a tenner with a plain black skirt.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Spring has sprung!

So, winter's finally leaving (I'm sure it won’t stay away too long) and everything is looking pretty good. It's quite mad to think of how the view out of your window can change from several different shades of grey to total luminescent colour.

As you can probably tell the weather has inspired me to be productive and hence the blog. I was also once told to start a blog by a theatrical and rather odd woman who proceeded to tell me how she had a special encounter with the "totally darling" Noel Fielding and that her husband knew and he was ok about it... in hindsight she was probably just mad as a bag of spanners but I'm gonna do the blog anyway.

Love, peace and serenity