Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Into the woods...

Went to the woods to chill out- it was so nice but so windy! We set up a rather haphazzard picnic where we used to go when we were younger- a little spot we call lunar- and just looked out on the view, ate chocolate fingers and listened to music. The boys felt the need to throw stones and do handstands, cute really. Pretty much a perfect Sunday...

The picture above shows my new ring from Henry Holland in Debenhams. I love skulls and this rings is fast becoming my fave. I have two skull rings now and I'm think of naming them- not sure what though? When I saw the Chanel temporary tattoos my stomach did a little flip as I adore temporary tattoos (I love real tattoos too but I'm still in the temporary stage, I'm sure Brighton will change that...) Anyways I couldn't really afford the Chanel ones so the Topshop version had to suffice and I recently saw Newlook do some for even less so I'm quids in!

Ooh I just got Lookbook too- I'll add a badge to my blog soon.



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