Saturday, 11 September 2010

Making a home from home...

So I’m off to Brighton Uni in the next couple of weeks and I’m buzzing with excitement! I keep getting emails from the uni telling me what I need to get done before I get there, what to do on my first day, what to bring and, of course, details of fresher’s week (partypartyparty)- it seems like a bit of an information overload and I’ve made millions of list to try and get my head round it all. It’s a good amount of being thrown in at the deep end.
Yesterday I did a bit of shopping for bedding and towels and that; I took full advantage of the Primark that’s just opened in Guildford and got everything super cheap. Even though it was packed as it had pretty much just opened its doors, it was really spacious and well set out unlike most Primarks where you feel like you might not make it out alive. One thing I’m really conscious about at uni is making my little room feel like my own as they’re obviously really bland when you get them. I’m someone who likes their environment to be visually inspiring and appealing so I went for bright colours and striking patterns. I got pink towels- I’m not really a pink-loving person but I thought it would brighten up a plain white bathroom and my duvet cover is rather garish to say the least but it was in the sale so I’m not complaining. I think living in Brighton is gonna be pretty full on so why not have a room that matches that?
I wanted to get some clothes and random bits and bobs for me, but we ran out of time (I did manage to get a couple of things, the dress in the photo is one of them) I’m going shopping with my boyfriend in the week so I’ll splash the cash then.

And if anyone reading this is from Brighton, or goes there a lot, let me know of the in and outs of Brighton life and any good places you’ve found to hangout. Ta!



  1. Have a good time at Brighton Uni i'm from there. Amazing place :) if you want to know anything ask away! xx

  2. Hi there ^_^ dk if you remember of me, but i'm one of your followers! I own a blog too, called 'La Fille du Chat Noir' which receives a couple of visits a day. I'm telling you this, cause i'd like to make a sort of affiliation with your blog, exchanging the links to our blogs (: I've got a a section in my side-bar called 'Recommended blogs' and i'd be glad to feature your blog in it, if you could do the same...let me know what you think about it!

    xx Simonne

    PS: Hope you'll have a good time at Brighton uni, it was one of my choices, but i ended up at coventry uni xD

  3. brighton is a great place visited a few times, merely for day trips . good luck with uni & enjoy . great blog .

    do feel free to check out/follow 'betsie' at:

  4. have fun at the uni!
    I´m really looking forward to going to university in 3 ( fucking) years !

  5. Trust me, those three year will shoot by and before you know it you'll be packing up your stuff to go!