Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Products to rave about...

A few things recently have really caught my attention for being fabulous and I think they deserve some recognition.
First up is Rimmel London’s “60 seconds” nail varnish with “express brush” for one second application... since the beginning of time, or at least the invention of nail varnish, cosmetics companies have promised fast drying and easy to apply polish for your nails but , in my experience, few rarely deliver on these promises. However, all is not lost as Rimmel London’s “60 seconds” nail varnish with “express brush” does exactly what it says on the tin. The shape of the brush means that the varnish gets spread evenly over the entirety of your nail without creating little messy reservoirs of paint at the sides of your nail where its meets the skin. It dries quickly too so you aren’t confined to your seat for about 5 minutes after you’ve painted your nails for fear of transferring it to the walls, the carpet or your outfit for the night. You really can put this nail varnish on in a rush (even the tricky other hand!). I’m currently loving it in “805 Grey Matter”- it looks unfussy, clean and elegant.
Aha I’ve just realised my next rave is about another Rimmel London product, they should be paying me right?!
“Colour show off lipstick”... I must admit I was a slave to advertising with this product. I saw the advert on the TV and instantly thought “I WANT that lipstick”; thank god I’m not like that for every advert on TV! I bought it in “230 Red Fever” (wearing it in the photo) which is a proper vampy shade- I love it so much but I’ve only really started to wear it regularly since I had my teeth whitened as the colour is so intense it seemed to make them look really yellow? Not so cool. But yeah this lipstick has the perfect balance between matte and gloss and if you apply it once, wear it a bit and then reapply it a little later it has staying power that will last the whole night...and the morning too if you forget to take it off.
It is definitely worth checking out the Rimmel London site, it has some cool tips and competitions:

Finally, the last products I discovered after going to a demo at The House of Fraser. Aveda “Pure Abundance” volumizing shampoo and volumizing clay conditioner are what I would call “miracle products” (I do not use that term lightly people!). I haven’t had my hair cut for going on a year now but it’s only recently that the ends have started to look noticeably ratty. At this demo I was given generous samples of these products to try out and no word of a lie they made my hair look and feel as though it had just been cut (and it has actually persuaded me to go and get a real hair cut). My hair had natural volume, looked shiny and the ends looked just like the rest of my hair- healthy. These products are expensive for what most people would spend on shampoo and conditioner but they really work. I was lucky enough to be given two £10 off vouchers for Aveda products and I know exactly what I’m gonna use them for...

Camera is broken (for absolutely no reason) which makes me so sad, but there is a chance that I’ll get a better camera out of it if they can’t fix the problem...please don’t be able to fix it!

Peace and Love,

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