Sunday, 10 October 2010

Huzzah Topshop!

A couple of weeks ago I was desperately searching for a berry/cherry lip stain to no avail. I had checked EVERYWHERE and had pretty much given up. However I was having a mooch in the Topshop in Brighton (now my local and I love it) and what should I see upon the new makeup stand but a “Lip Marker”. All excited I whipped the lid off the tester and tried it on my hand and bingo, my search was over, I had found my lip stain. It wasn’t £20+ either! - it was £7.50 and I used my student discount card too. In the photos it looks a little more red and a little less “berry” than in real life- but I adore it. Happy Happy. AND on Tuesday the Topshop in Brighton is holding a student with 20% of so I’m gonna use it as a good opportunity to spend some dough late night shopping. Really loving Primark as well at present- it has some really “edgey” stuff.



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