Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas come-down...

So Christmas has come and gone in a big food and alcohol fuelled flurry, and as a result of the latter it all seems like a hazy dream- wicked good fun though. Bring on the next one!!!
I got some lavely pressies too! In truth I did choose (and even buy) most of them but there were a few items that I wasn't expecting :) I plan to post up most of the clothes I got over the rest of the holiday...
This jumper came from a charity shop. I love massive wooly jumpers and you can throw them over anything creating and easy and effortlessly cool look. They also have the great benefit of keeping you warm, which is vital at the moment.

This t-shirt is from Therapy (in the House of Fraser). Slouchy tees are another favourite of mine and I love the colour of blue on this one. Therapy has certainly turned itself around in the last year.

I went sale shopping today and was very disappointed as I didn't find anything! I don't really need anything but still not even seeing one item that caught my eye was very uninspiring. Although the Asos sale was looking good and I found a few things, but I feel that shopping on the net will never be as good as rummaging around in a shop.

Love and serenity,

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