Thursday, 13 January 2011

Brain images...

It seems to me that the world (my world at least) keeps flipping 180 at the moment. It is a little scary as I'm never quite sure where I stand with regard to being up or down- like being on a roller coaster blindfolded- but if things are a bit murky, I am safe in the knowledge that the following days or week will see lots of wicked things occurring all at once- so I spose it's quite nice really. I think this week's happiness has been catalysed by a constant stream of good music.

Anyways, I've been chained to my work recently which has turned me into a bit of an antisocial hermit creature, all snarly and horrible but I've given myself the rest of the day off and I plan to spend it thusly...
-getting lost in the interweb finding things that will inspire me for the week to come.
-trawling through endless shop sites trying to find an orange-ish dress, as for my birthday I will be dressed as a Fox.
-listening to very good music that I can wiggle to.
-AND drinking an un-ladylike amount of tea.
I may even spend some actual money, now wouldn't that be lovely...

Look what I found...

Possible fox dresses? The two on the left are from Topshop, the one on the right is ASOS Tailored. Think I'm favouring the middle, but
adore the tailored dress.

In a perfect world I would wear this dress pretty much forever, even in the pouring rain, and would eat nothing but party food. It's dead lush.

Untitled by ~xblah on deviantART I think this image is so beautiful-
it conveys a notion of fragility perfectly. I only wish I had the
slightest ability to draw like this, but I quite simply don't and
it would be an insult to try.

Final thought: On treacherously stormy days like today when my hair gets all blown around my head, I feel like one of them giant squid with their tentacles all flailing about. Annoying.

Peace and placidity,

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