Sunday, 16 January 2011

The best things...

The best thing is when you get given a gift card for your favourite shop and you don't know how much money is on it but you assume its only about a tenner and then when you take it to the till to check exactly how much is on it, it turns out to be 30 squids and you just can't contain your excitedness so you do a little jig right in the middle of the shop. This happened to me the other day and I was very, very happy. Thusly I bought this bag from Urban Outfitters, and I bloody love it…

The best thing is an impromptu girly wander 'n' shop 'n' chat round town on a Saturday, followed by an even more impromptu visit and big night out with your friends from back home. All this made me jam hot happy and uncontrollably excited for my birthday.

The best thing is a Sunday where you do nowt and feel a little guilty but don't really care 'coz worse things have happened at sea.

The best thing is rediscovering a band and falling head first in love with their lyrics and sound all over again. I'm currently doing this with White Lies "To lose my life". Quite simply a wicked album that you listen to to evoke any emotion you want…or even none at all.

The best thing is finding a miracle product. I recently found L'Oreal Paris' Studio Secrets "Smoothing Resurfacing Primer" and I think its the best thing since sliced bread, sadly it aint student cheap so I only use it when I'm properly going out. It's a little pot of pink miracle paste; smooth a little on and your skin instantly looks better, add your normal foundation over the top and you look Photoshop flawless = perfik. Honestly believe that if you rubbed it over everything the world would be all beautiful and perfect. It's THAT good.

I bought the lacy dress from Topshop that I was musing over for the past couple of days. It's purdy, but I'm still undecided. Indecisiveness is a syndrome I have, it drives me crazy.

Feeling really inspired by words and that at the moment as in what people say/write/type and how it gets left behind. All of which is slightly ironic as I have been avoiding an essay, on a similar topic, that desperately needs writing. It led me to these… I love scrabble piece jewellery and the sweet little images on these makes them extra cool- might have to get me one.



I likes this. It's morbid but it does make you think. Some one tweeted the other day about if you were to die and the last thing you tweeted was a comment that you would be remembered and thereafter judge by, would you be ok with what you'd typed? Hmmmmmmmm. Oh I'm 'Little Gracie Fox' on Twitter, follow me if ya like.

Make Love Happen. at any cost.



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