Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Back down in Btown...

I hoped the charity shops back home would deliver…and boy oh boy did they. Levi shorts. Check. Granddad cardie. Check. Baseball styley jacket thing (catchy I know). Check. AND I got them all cheap as chips…

Levi shorts (were full length jeans) = 4 squids.

Granddad cardigan with suede shoulder detail = ONE SQUID!!!

Jacket = 2 squids.

I was jam hot happy.

(Did a shameless outfit copy here (scroll to older post) but I told ya I loved the styling…)

Camera ran out of battery shortly after and so good old web cam quality shall proceed...

I am simply too excited for my birthday. It’s going to be woodland creature theme; I want it to be all trippy where everyone still looks like humans but half animal at the same time like Wind in the Willows or that Smirnoff ad that was around for a bit. My flat mates are putting so much effort into their costumes, which is literally making me burst with joy! I have decided that I love the Topshop dress now and so its on to make up. The inspiration for my make up comes from the three pictures below, the last is the result of my experimentation…

No. 17 1960s set.
Scarlett Johansson in The Spirit.
Make up at LAMB. Sooo gorgeous.

I did a very silly thing. I left my hair straighteners back in Ftown. Not cool. It’s not really worth getting them posted up so today I ventured out in the lovely mizzly weather to buy a cheap pair. Remarkably Topshop have the cheapest ones, especially when you factor in student discount and whatnot. I got the blue starry ones for £10.80 and I had a fivers worth of vouchers so that only £5.80 really isn’t it?

When I hold them I feel like a giant ‘coz they’re mini. I like that.

I was a bit frivolous today. I saw a mug. I liked it. So I bought it.

I truly believe it’s this kind of mindless consumerism that has plunged this country, indeed the world, into recession. Although I would like to add that the mug was from the 99p Store and thusly cost 99p, so I guess its not as bad as all that. Plus it’s made me truly happy and I’m a bit poorly so don’t you be judging me!

Happiness and healthiness,



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  1. love the outfits and make up!