Wednesday, 23 February 2011

“If we understood the enigmas of life, there would be no art”

Albert Camus. That quote providing me with much ponderation on this rainy afternoon.

Being a bit of a limbo bimbo at the moment. Finding it so hard to get motivated to do anything. And it’s winding me up no end.I’ve got a lot of work hanging around at the moment. Stuff I’m really looking forward to getting into, stuff that’ll hopefully involve a bit of soul searching and stuff that’ll hopefully cast a light of inspiration and motivation over all aspects of my life...

...Anyways I took these photographs the other day, when summer thought it would make an impromptu appearance to remind us of what it looks like and to get us all a little excited for when it arrives and hopefully hangs around for a little while.

The top photo was taken by my lovely friend, Maria- right little voyeur ain’t she?!

Check out my Flickr for more of my photographs…

I hope to re-do the photograph above with a person standing in the foreground on a grey and misty day. A steam train coming through the tunnel would be pretty cool too.

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field, I will meet you there."

I’m currently lusting for a pair of summery loafers with a 1960s vibe- I’ve seen more than a few ideal pairs around (mainly already on people’s feet I may add) but a current lack of funds means that the perfect pair must come from H&M as I have a voucher. Sadly after a quick look on their website I was unable to find the perfect pair, or any pair for that matter. They did have some very nice heels. I must not buy heels. I do not need heels.

The top two pairs are from ASOS(really want the blue ones!!!)The bottom pair are New Look- they look a little cheap, mainly because they are, but maybe they'd look alright on??

Must put in a mention for my good friend Jonny Williams’ super cool little clothing company, Exit Left Apparel. I want the sweater. Check it out…

The man, the myth, the legend: JW himself.

Final thought: Sucked my hair into my hair dryer this morning. Had to cut it free. Bad times. Also, I really dislike Razorlight.

Peace and practicality,



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