Friday, 8 July 2011

Bloody love you Brighton...

Brighton Beach: The perfect cure for any hangover...

So, going back a few weeks now, there I stood in my very large and very bare uni halls kitchen staring out the window stuck in a reverie that even I wasn’t a part of.  It was raining stair rods and the clouds were as black as the ace of spades, but still the view ahead appeared beautiful to me. Standing there with a comforting cup of tea cupped in my hands I realized something that I should of known all along but perhaps had to get to this moment to fully understand.  This year in Brighton had meant a hell of a lot more than I had credited with. I’d met some amazing new people and discovered some wicked places, all of which providing me with memories that I’ll keep locked in my mind for reminiscing on other rainy days (Lord knows we have a lot of them). I’d created a new me in this first year. Perhaps not ‘created’ or even ‘new’ because I think this person has always been there just shadowed by other things and it took a multitude of experiences to catalyse the me that’s sitting in front of the computer this very second.
Now I’m not normally one for all this self-discovery rhubarb and any way I write it, it sounds like a massive pathetic cliché which is annoying because it comes across as rather insincere. All I know is that at the moment I’m happy. Jam hot happy.
All this meant I was sketching a little about coming back to my hometown. The girl that left here is certainly not the girl that returned. I did wonder whether I could still ‘do’ the Farnham life or whether I’d just sit at home counting down the days till I can go back to my beloved Brighton. Thankfully it’s been ok, more than ok- pretty darn good actually! The Surrey drink prices were a bit of a shock to the system as well as the lack of buses and late night events but on the whole I’ve had a awesome first couple of weeks back and I plan to just party on through any burgeoning boredom.
Turns out I can still do the Farnham way of life, just with a little more Brighton flair added.

Also I just found out I passed my first year so I’m gonna buy me some nice shoes… question is: which ones?

Peace and Love,


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