Wednesday, 13 July 2011

For Sale: Custo Dress

Although I adore this dress I’ll be selling it on eBay in the next few days so have a butchers if you’re interested.

It’s hardly been worn and is in very good condition. 
This long bell-sleeved, low cut dress features dark green velvet with two different patterned silks and screams a retro 60’s vibe that would be great if you were going to a themed event…or just for everyday wear of course!
It was made in Spain and the Custo brand is still going today.

The measurements when laid flat are as follows-

Length: shoulder to hem= 34"
Length: underarm to hem= 25.5"
Width: underarm to underarm= 17”
To give you an idea of how the dress fits I would say I’m a size 8-10 in most clothes but as I’m a gymnast I have fairly broad muscular shoulders and the top half of this dress does fit snugly. As the material is silk it doesn’t have a lot of give so I would say it is more suited to a slighter girl on top with a small bust. From the images you can see it is very low cut but you could wear a small lace trim top underneath if desired.
I’m 5ft 5.5in and I feel that this dress would look stunning on someone a little taller than me or someone with slightly longer legs…but this is just a personal preference.
If you have an questions or queries, drop me an email at…
I'll let you know when I pop it on eBay.
Peace and Love,
Gracie x

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