Friday, 8 July 2011

A hard-earned reward…

well kinda. That’s the beauty of university, it is in fact only two and a half weeks of work, admittedly those two and a half weeks are the worst of your life and afterwards you are left emotionally and physically exhausted unable to remember any of the topics or titles of the essays you have just handed in BUT the rest of the time its just like being retired except you can get away with more debauched behavior blaming youthful inexperience, and you have less money.
Still I think I deserve a treat, a proper treat, something I can see and touch. The obvious answer is shoes.
I love shoes. So much. But the problem is I’m too mean, I have an irritatingly strong willpower which means I will not buy myself nice shoes…noyin’. This, of course, will all change tonight when I win the Euro Millions (166 million squids bitches!) Then I’ll have a whole room dedicated to shoes.
I digress…trawling through the internet I have found lots of lovely shoes that I would love to call mine but I just cannot decide whether to go for a staple nude pair that’ll make my legs look about 20ft longer (that would be helpful) or to go for a statement pair that go with less outfits but ones that everyone’s envious of…decisions.

I will, of course, regret buying these shoes when I have no money in the very near future but then who needs food when you have a gorgeous pair of shoes on your tootsies?

Oh and listen to this it’ll make you shuffle incessantly. I was lucky enough to catch Tangled Hair at The Hope in Brighton. They’re an amusing bunch of lads but I wish they’d played more songs…4 tracks isn’t really a set is it boys? Looking forward to loads more from them though.

Peace and serenity,

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