Monday, 26 April 2010

Busy busy busy

I seem to be constantly working at the moment but not actually getting anything done? Irritating. With exams coming up the workload is only gonna increase but I’m going to try and blog more often because it’s kind of therapeutic...and enables me to procrastinate a little.
I had my photo taken for the local paper this week as I won a bursary from my college. I’m dreading the photo as we had to hold up are hands as though we were celebrating- CRINGEY! Meh I’m pretty sure only about four people read The Herald so it shouldn’t be too bad.
All in all it’s been a good week, the sun has been wonderful and I’ve enjoyed having my boyfriend back after his holiday too. On Tuesday I went to a “SwapShop” my friend was holding- I ended up with a few cool things (I’ll put them up sometime) as well as swiping some stuff for the bf.
Really looking forward to next week- it’s my best friend’s birthday which means crazy partying. Yay! And dressing up. Even more yay!

Was feeling a bit creative with these pictures... the leotard is from Topshop and I got the trousers from Miss Selfridge for a tenner- and I love them!

Sunny happiness,

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