Thursday, 8 April 2010


Was exactly that. I don’t intend to ruin it for anyone in this entry but if you haven’t seen it I would seriously recommend not reading anything about it before you go; I went having only seen the trailer and it was not at all what I expected. I expected it to be good but it is so much better than that. It is becoming increasingly uncommon to find a film that has been created by people who are truly passionate about its subject matter, and that’s everyone who’s involved in the film. When people really enjoy what they are doing it shows through in the finished product. My attention was captured from the very beginning of the film and was held throughout- although that may have something to do with the enormous amount of Kick I was drinking (in the final scenes I’m pretty sure I was having palpitations but, if anything, that only added to the experience). It had the perfect ratio of gore to humour and it wasn’t silly; it was just funny. The factor that Kickass most deserves credit for is the ending. So many films have this huge build up filled with explosions and CGI and the like all to be quickly ended when the baddie is just killed. Dead. There is nothing worse than that anticlimactic feeling- almost like a sort of betrayal. Without giving too much away, Kickass doesn’t let you guess the end; you’re never really sure if they’ll opt for a happy Hollywood ending or a brutal but perhaps more realistic one. And it keeps going. Rather than a smooth escalation to a somewhat disappointing finale, the journey seen in Kickass takes a number of steps which result in the audience being cemented to the onscreen action and feeling for the characters plight. It pretty much pisses on Field’s 3 Act Structure, which is a good thing in my opinion as that structure has been a framework for producing monotonous dross with great ease and great profit.
Yeah, so if you haven’t seen it DO! Obviously the lead actor, Aaron Johnson, is British but it was nice to see a couple of other British faces in a big Yank film. Definitely gonna be a DVD purchase.

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