Wednesday, 7 April 2010

London yesterday...

Was just beautiful (so glad we didn’t go today!) It was warm, the sun was shining and as a result everyone was really friendly. Put me in a good mood for spending some brass which was going swimmingly until I run out. I thought I’d just nip to the cash point withdraw some more and resume my spree. Sadly not, a little message appeared on the screen saying “you’ve exceeded your daily withdrawal limit” it’s done this to me before. If the balmy sunshine hadn’t put me in such a happy temperament I might have punched through the screen and got the money out myself. Not to worry though, I managed to buy two gorgeous items (shoes and bag) and I tried on lots of stuff which I can get off the internet so the money will still get spent which is good...
Here’s what I bought. The bag and the shoes were both from Topshop- I love student discount!
I actually made the skirt from a really hideous pair of shorts for a friend for a fancy dress costume- She was Velma from Scooby Doo. It’s really shoddily made but you can’t really tell when they’re on.
Off to the cinema tonight- haven’t been in ages!



  1. I love top shop. good choices

  2. lovely lovely shorts and ankle boots .
    gorge hair (but i would be biased being a red head too :)) .

    i have recently created my own blog .

    fllow/ check it out,