Monday, 29 March 2010

Growing into things...

My boyfriend bought me this dress about a year ago, I’d asked for it so you can imagine my disappointment when it just didn’t look right on me (oh the woes of internet shopping) so to the back of my wardrobe it went. The other day I was trying to find something to wear to a black and white party and came across it whilst I was rummaging. It was one of those “I wonder” moments when a girl finds an item of clothing and has a sort of foresight into how pretty, unique or cool it will look and how much they will love it. Anyway it wasn’t suitable for the party but I loved it. I can’t believe I’ve grown that much in a year, in fact, I can’t imagine I’ve grown at all and yet it look so much better. It makes me feel summery and I feel a bit like the baby squid on Finding Nemo- I just want to twirl. The necklace is a seahorse in “amber”, his name’s Charlie; another pressie from my boyfriend who bought him from a charity shop... Seahorses have become a bit of a symbol for us.
The final image is the product of and art filter and a shaky hand- It’s weird. I think it makes me look like a ghostly harlot?

Feeling good today, despite the rain baying for attention.
Harmony and happiness,



  1. I love the dress and especially the first photo! I really like the noise and the lighting ♥ Do you have a DeviantArt account?

    Have a good time~~

  2. Cheers! No I don't.
    I checked out your blog its really cool!