Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Inside out?

Underwear that is and it’s a new trend here, apparently, with a vengeance. Has the creativity of us fashiony types really worn so thin it’s come to this? Wearing you bra on the outside of your top is the sort of thing you do when you’ve had more than your fair share of booze and it seems hilarious and so “out there” to do it. Here you can see The Sunday times’ Jessie Brinton wearing a little orange number ; don’t get me wrong it is doable but a word of warning, this fashion is a discriminative one: it only suits long legged skinny ladies who’ve got the confidence to match rather than the majority of girlies with a cup size of let’s say C and above? Oh and the bra on show must be a bit of a lacy vintage thing rather than your old 5 quid t-shirt bra from Peacocks. Anyway after all this negativity I thought I’d try my hand at this very skilled art... Slightly more modest I must say I’ve gone for a 1960’s nightie I bought from Camden Market for a tenner with a plain black skirt.