Thursday, 11 March 2010

Elegiac, despondent, gutted, bummed?

Couple of words to describe how I was feeling today. If you’re an AS or A2 student it is most probable that you received exam results today so you’ll either be feeling elated or perhaps a bit deflated? I only had one exam in January- biology- so today wasn’t a massive deal for me but I didn’t quite get what I wanted and as a result I’ve been feeling a bit downhearted all day. Nonetheless when I went into college realised I needed to suck it up a bit as there are loads of people who didn’t get what they needed for what they want to go on to do- doctors, vets etc and biology doesn’t exactly feature too heavily in my future so as long as I put a bit more effort in for the nest exams I don’t really need to worry. The boyfriend also cheered me up and I’m not feeling so bad still a bit gutted but I reckon I’m just knackered.
What I’m wearing in this photo is probably my favourite outfit ever, it’s just so comfy and I’ve always loved black. I used to be really into wearing rings (probably because that was the bit of rebelling you could get away with at school) and after a lengthy phase of not wearing any I’ve rediscovered these...and I love them!
The coffin ring is gorgeous and comes from Alchemy Gothic; it always starts off a conversation , the black stone ring is from H&M and the little purple stone ring came from my boyfriend on our first anniversary- I think it’s so elegant. I hope to start building up my collection again. Any ideas of places where I can get unique styles?

Kind of an odd entry but it’s been an odd day...

Love and peace,

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