Monday, 22 March 2010

A genuine role model?... Miquita Oliver.

So often in the media we hear of a lack of sensibly body conscious role models for the female youth of today (At this point I must point out that it is the very same media who shove a continuous stream of 6 foot size 6ers at us so the ball is in their court really). However there is one lady who is often overlooked when looking for a possible candidate for this role, 26 year T4 presenter Miquita Oliver. From the very moment she started presenting Popworld with Simon Amstell she seemed to put her own stamp on things and now nearly 10 years later she is still presenting on Channel 4 although Popworld has long since been buried (are we sad? I think we’re sad) She comes across as confident, relaxed and there is an honesty and a reality to her mannerisms which makes her endearing and easy to watch. Her physique is real and she dresses it very well with her own unique style, something which T4 clearly encourage. And quite rightly so as T4 has certainly filled a niche’ in British television; many have tried to replicate T4’s success but in my opinion all have failed in a rather embarrassing manner. So back to Miquita, many are critical and state she only got where she did because of her parents, well to be honest she hides it well and it takes a little more than nepotism to keep your job as a presenter for 10 years. And what do I think of her behaviour at certain events? Meh, she is just having tongue-in-cheek fun like the kind everyone had before we all got serious and fun became vulgar.

Below are a couple of my favourite images of her looking effortlessly cool and a link to an interview with the lady herself. May all young girls take heed of her attitude to life and may she continue to amuse us on hung over Sunday mornings for years to come.

Love and Serenity,

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