Sunday, 29 August 2010

A hidden gem...

One rainy (and rather miserable) day a couple of weeks ago whilst I was holidaying on the Isle of Wight, my mum and I attempted to go to a vintage shop that we’d passed on the bus. Unfortunately it only opened on Fridays and Saturdays- so typical. I wouldn’t have minded so much however when you peered through the shop window a beautiful sight met your eye: A mass of vintage clothing spanning the decades of the 30s through to the 80s, from day wear to evening gowns.

The other great thing that made me so excited but also very gutted that the shop wasn’t open was the range of sizes. More often than not vintage shops and vintage sections only have very large sizes or very small sizes. It’s as if the sizes in between disappeared with the era. To make matters worse I was leaving a couple of days later so I wouldn’t be able to go back and get inside for a good rummage! My mum did promise that she would go back on Friday and I got a text the other day saying she’d stayed in there for an hour and bought two 50’s skirts and a mini dress- I cannot wait to see them! I just hope they fit. The shop was called Oh so vintage and they have a website ( but I don’t think it does the shop itself justice so if you’re ever around Newport on the IOW check it out...but only on a Friday or Saturday!

I go back on the boat around the second half of next week and I really hope my parents have managed to sail to Totnes in Devon. Totnes has the most amazing vintage shops and a lovely way of life so I hope to report back with news of sunshine and wonderful buys!
I think summer might have come back too.
Pictured one of my best vintage buys: a “Crosby, Stills and Nash” baseball tee which I bought from Oxfam (vintage section) for about a fiver- I love it.


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