Sunday, 1 August 2010

A temperate climate...

British weather and British fashion go hand in hand. If you wake up to glorious sunshine you can guarantee that by mid afternoon it will be rainy...or even snowy! Because we can experience all four seasons in one day British fashion followers must prepare themselves for all eventualities and this results in unique mix and match outfits. You will often see short shorts and a skimpy top teamed with wellies and a big angora jumper or a pretty floral dress with a massive coat over the top. These combinations allow us to go about our everyday lives, despite the unpredictable weather, in comfort and style- we look laid back yet high fashion.
In these photos I’m wearing my favourite parker coat, a sixties style dress, suspender tights (which I ripped the day I got them, £8 down the drain!) and brown boots. This outfit is perfect for going on a walk to the pub where I can sit down with my friends and a pint and enjoy the lovely (if rather changeable) British weather.




  1. Lovely dress :)

  2. wow! your style is great!

    i'd like to use this or any other photo of you as a reference for an illustration. would you be fine with that? i couldn't find any email adresse so i guess i had to just post this here. hit me up at prazdesign(at)