Thursday, 19 August 2010

Over the moon...

I've been on holiday for the past week, which is why I haven't updated anything. But I've got lots to show/tell you so I put that up in the next couple of days...Anyway to todays issue, one that many are dealing with and that's A level results! Thankfully it appears my friends and I got everything we needed to go to the unis we had our hearts set on- which means I'm heading to Brighton eeeeeeeeee! To anyone who didn't get what they wanted, don't give up it's really not as black and white as everyone makes out. Phone up the uni and see if they'll still take you and if that doesn't work just take a different route to what you want to do- it may be quicker or even leader you to a better place. Worse things have happened at sea. I also got a lovely call from my boyfriend who's in St. Lucia- his little brother had just hit him with a paddle so his front teeth were badly chipped: typical. But they're all fixed now. I'm missing him but I'm celebrating results with my friends tonight so all's well that ends well.

More soon,

General happiness and well wishes,


Oh new look up on Lookbook- check it.


  1. i'm so in love with your outfit! you've got yourself a new follower! ;)

  2. i love this look, you have gorgeous hair and a gorgeous outfit (: