Monday, 23 August 2010

Holiday part 2- a festival of garlic...

Yeah so we were looking for things to do each day and on Sunday we decided to go to The Garlic Festival. We really weren’t expecting much. Anyway after the most traumatic bus journey of my life (it is not acceptable to change your toddlers nappy on a crowded bus) we arrived at a massive festival at which was the majority of the Isle of Wight’s residents- it was packed. Garlic featured very little considering the festival’s name. We headed straight to the beer tent to regather ourselves after the bus journey then we had a go at archery and loved it so much we’re planning on setting up our own archery in the garden (don’t worry we have a long garden).
The following day we went to The Needles to do some good old fashion sightseeing. The weather was beautiful and I just loved chilling out and snapping some pictures...

Me doing so archery.
The garlic beer I bought- I left it on the boat :(

Needly Deedly...

"To the wind that blows, the ship that goes and the girl who loved a sailor"

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