Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Bon voyage...

Last night my friend had a party to say a goodbye to everyone as she’s leaving to spend a year in Peru working in an orphanage. It was an amazing, boozy and very colourful night but the reason for holding the party was in the back of my mind- I cannot believe I’m not gonna see her for a whole year! Anyways it was around the world/gap yahh fancy dress theme so everyone was dressed up and they all looked so good. I went as a Russian mail order bride (not sure of the thinking behind that?). I wore a black wig and no one recognised me- people didn’t come up and say “hi” at first as they had no idea who I was. People said it really suited me to the point where it was frightening...

All in all it was a brilliant night and I hope it was the send off Claire wanted. I’ll miss her to pieces but I know she’ll do good over there and I’ll be here for when she gets back. The other weird thing is what will have changed by the time she gets back- a lot can happen in a year!

Peace and love,

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  1. looks like you had tons of fun, im jealous!